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The Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) gives computer science and electrical engineering students a solid foundation in information networking and computer systems while also introducing management, strategic thinking and policy, with the opportunity to study each of these areas in greater depth through coursework and research/development projects. Through this 16-month program, MSIN students are well positioned to pursue doctoral degrees or leadership, technical and management positions in a variety of sectors and industries.

Program Learning Objectives

Through this program, you strive to:

  • Acquire detailed understanding of the technical, management and policy aspects of information networking and computer systems
  • Gain theoretical understanding and practical experience in building networked and distributed computer systems
  • Gain detailed understanding of the design principles and tradeoffs made in information networking infrastructures
  • Manage the development and evolution of reliable and secure information networks and computer systems
  • Gain expertise in managing and troubleshooting large-scale information networks and distributed systems
  • Gain detailed understanding of establishing requirements in complex applications and translating these requirements into a design architecture
  • Learn theoretical, as well as practical, aspects of database management systems
  • Acquire an understanding of microeconomics theory with an emphasis on business applications
  • Acquire an understanding of business management functions, including accounting, finance, human relations, marketing and operations with an emphasis in information systems
  • Equip yourself with skills to assume a leadership position in information networking

MSIN Academic Advisor

Rajeev Gandhi

Rajeev Gandhi

Associate Director, INI; Sr. Systems Scientist, INI and ECE

Office: B210, Hamerschlag Hall
Telephone: (412) 268-4922

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