The Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) degree provides an advanced, specialized curriculum combining computer science, electrical and computer engineering, software engineering and information systems while incorporating business and policy perspectives. Graduates are well positioned to pursue doctoral degrees or obtain leadership, technical and management positions across an array of sectors and industries.  

Pittsburgh: Emerging Tech City 

The Steel City is emerging as the next tech mecca, and MSIN students are at the center of it all. With access to courses in four world-renowned colleges, opportunities for research/development projects, and the chance to immerse themselves in campus life, students enjoy a rich Carnegie Mellon experience. 

Customizable Curriculum 

Take a deep dive into systems, explore policy and management studies or complete a concentration in security- these are just a few examples of house you can customize the MSIN curriculum to match your interests and career goals. If research is one of your goals, there is ample opportunity through campus partnerships with organizations like CyLab, the largest university-based cybersecurity and privacy research and education institute in the United States. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from this program gain:

  • An ability to explain the fundamental principles of computer networks, and ability to apply them to the implementation of a networked system
  • An ability to understand and apply design and development principles in the construction of complex low-level software systems
  • An ability to explain microeconomic and management principles important to businesses that run information networks

The 144 units of the INI's graduate programs are traditionally completed over the course of two academic years. Options for accelerating this schedule may be available. All students are required to successfully complete an INI-approved internship. 

MSIN MS28 Academic Advisor

Martin Carlisle

Martin Carlisle

Director of Academic Affairs, INI; Teaching Professor, INI 

Office: INI Building
Telephone: (412) 268-7899

MSIN MS29 Academic Advisor

Greg Kesden

Greg Kesden

Associate Teaching Professor, INI

Office: INI Building
Telephone: (412) 268-5943

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