The curriculum is 144 units consisting of the following main components: required courses, pro seminar, an elective course and two fusion studios. The first year of required courses and the pro seminar build fundamental specialized skills, while the second year focuses on interdisciplinary knowledge fusion and problem solving.

Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the student to read and understand the following information regarding this program and its requirements. Should an individual have any further questions, they are encouraged to contact Enrollment Services at for assistance.

The chart below describes structure of all EM2 paths:

Emerging Media Masters Curriculum Graphic

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

Students must complete four required courses in the specialization of Mobility (48 units) and the pro seminar course (12 units).

The following courses are specialization options for students in the Mobility path:

  • 14-839 The Mobile Ecosystem (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 14-840/18-644 Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 14-841/18-843 Mobile & Pervasive Computing (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 14-837/18-641 Java for Smart Phone Development (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 18-759 Wireless Networks
  • 18-748 Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 14-814/18-637 Wireless Network Security (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 14-829 Mobile Security (SV campus, over VTC)
  • 18-842 Distributed Systems (online through Acatar platform) -OR- 15-640 Distributed Systems -OR– 18-746 Storage Systems -OR–18-749 Building Reliable Distributed Systems
  • 14-836 Mobile Game Development

If the students do not have the necessary prerequisite knowledge they need to take the appropriate prerequisite courses; these courses do not count toward the degree units.

Prerequisites in Mobility:

  • 18-342 Fundamentals of Embedded Systems
  • 14-740 Fundamentals of Telecommunications & Computer Networks
  • 15-513 Introduction to Computer Systems

The pro seminar is a cross-college course that exposes students to the key components of the EM2 degree within and outside of the Mobility path.


Students must take one elective course (12 units) to develop skills complementary to Mobility or prerequisite skills. The elective course may be taken as pass/no pass/audit.

Fusion Studio and Portfolio

In the second year, students participate as developers in two fusion studios. Fusion studios bring together students from many specialization paths and many studios include industry and community participation. The students have the option of replacing the degree sponsored fusion studios with a thesis and a related independent studio supervised by at least two advisors from different schools.

In addition to completing coursework successfully, students are required to compile a portfolio showing their unique contributions to the projects realized in their fusion studios. The portfolio needs to be approved by the student's faculty advisor as part of a required 12-unit course completed in the program’s final semester.

Students have the option to pursue and complete a master’s thesis under an advising faculty member's supervision. 

Independent Thesis Option

Students can elect to do a thesis in the second year rather than two fusion studios.  A thesis proposal needs to be supported by at least one faculty advisor and one contributing advisor from a different department. Supervised thesis work (24 units) replaces one fusion studio (24 units). The proposed thesis topic and work can be connected to the one fusion studio the student takes in the second year thus allowing the student more focused time on their thesis topic.  The fusion studio can be an independent studio suggested by at least two students and two co-advisors if one of the degree sponsored fusion studios does not fit the thesis/creative interests of the student.

Sample Timeline

Year 1 Fall

Specialization Path Class (12 units)

Specialization Path Class (12 units)

Pro-Seminar (12 units)


Year 1 Spring

Specialization Path Class (12 units)

Specialization Path Class (12 units)

Apprenticeship/Elective  (12 units)


Year 2 Fall

Fusion Studio (24 units)
+ Elective (12 units)


Thesis (24 units) +
Elective (12 units)


Year 2 Spring

Fusion Studio (24 units)
+ Portfolio Review (12 units)


Independent Studio (24 units) +
Thesis Review (12 units)