Integrated MSIN Admissions

Required Undergraduate Courses and Performance

Admission to the Integrated MSIN would be decided in the spring semester of junior year and would be 1) contingent upon fulfillment of the MSIN admission requirements, and 2) contingent upon fulfillment of specific Integrated MSIN requirements.

1) To fulfill the MSIN admission requirements, students need to have taken:

  • A combination of 15-211, 15-212, 15-213, which would fulfill the C/C++ programming and data structures requirements.
  • A mathematics/probability course.

All these courses are mandatory for the B.S. in CS degree. ECE students would need to make sure they select these courses as part of their electives.

  • Students would also need to have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above.

2) To fulfill the Integrated MSIN requirements, which allow you to waive a certain number of core units, students would need to have completed the following courses:

  • 15-605: Operating System Design and Implementation
  • Either 15-641: Computer Networks, 18-345: Computer Networks, or 18-345: Introduction to Telecommunication Networks
  • 14-642: Fundamentals of Embedded Systems
  • 18-756: Packet Switching and Computer Networks

Students should earn at least a B, or above average (3.0), in the required undergraduate courses.

Because it may not be realistic to expect that all interested students would have completed all of these courses by the spring of their junior year, completion of a subset of at least two of these courses would allow for conditional admission (contingent upon completion of the whole list of prescribed courses by the end of the spring semester of senior year).

Students eligible for admission to the Integrated MSIN and Integrated MSIS would not be required to take the GRE.