Integrated Master's Online Admission Form

Rolling Application Deadline: Generally, applications are due in the spring semester of the applicant's junior year. Seniors will also be considered if they have completed the required undergraduate courses. After you have submitted the Integrated Master's Online Admission Form, INI Admissions will review your qualifications and notify you of your acceptance in a timely manner.

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Thank you for your interest in the Integrated Master's programs at Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute. If you have questions, please email

Graduate Status and Financial Aid

Integrated master's students generally become INI students during the summer semester of their senior year, after all requirements for the bachelor's degree are complete. The student's bachelor's degree will be certified, and the student will officially graduate from the undergraduate program.

Students should consult with Enrollment Services to understand how becoming a graduate student will affect financial aid. Students should also consult with their Academic Advisor to determine a course schedule.

Admissions Policies

Deferral Policy

The INI does not allow admission deferrals. Each year applicants are reviewed and ranked with the current applicant pool. Students are accepted for admission into the program for a particular academic year and may not defer admission.

Applicant's Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all required information on the program application.

Confidentiality of Communications

All information provided to students as a result of their application, including subsequent correspondence, is considered confidential and should not be communicated to other applicants. Please note that applicants are expected to comply with the confidentiality requirement as a condition of admission.