Stress Management

Graduate school can be extremely demanding, and sometimes students must cope with other personal demands and traumatic events at the same time. There are times when your daily demands might feel as if they are too much to bear.

If you or friends are feeling overly stressed, distracted or anxious, please seek out assistance promptly. Below, many helpful resources are listed to assist you at the university. You may choose to seek out health resources from the broader community as well.

Campus Wellness Resources

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is an office at Carnegie Mellon that will meet with any CMU student who is struggling to balance their life's demands.

  • CAPS services are free for all CMU students.
  • All CAPS services are private and confidential.

CAPS is located in Morewood Gardens, E-Tower on the Second Floor.

Call 412-268-2922 for regular appointments and for crisis support (same-day appointments and after-hours emergencies, 24/7). If you know a friend or classmate in need of help, you may call CAPS for a consultation.

Additionally, you can find support from the following campus resources for stress relief and overall wellness:

  • Massage therapy
  • Recreation
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol/Drug use, smoking cessation, stress management support

Helpful Wellness Brochures

CAPS distributes a variety of self-help brochures for students on a number of relevant topics. You can pick up these brochures in the INI building at the brochure rack on the first floor near the rear stairwell. For your convenience, the links to the brochures' digital versions are below, listed by topic:

The brochures above were developed and published by The Counseling Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Brochures on additional topics are available from the The Counseling Center's website.

Cultural and Social Outlets

It is important to connect with your peers periodically, even at times when your semester's workload may feel too demanding. By allowing yourself to develop supportive relationships and gain positive experiences, you will strengthen your emotional reserves, which will strengthen your overall character and abilities. On campus, classmates get together to enjoy a variety of social outlets, from special lecture events to dining options. The campus arts organizations present theater, art and music events throughout the semester, while Tartan Athletics offers workout facilities and intermural sports, in addition to sporting events.

At Carnegie Mellon, you can find student-led organizations that match your interests. Specifically, the INI is home to two organizations that regularly host activities during the semester, which are publicized through these orgs' Facebook pages: GOINI and WINI.