Campus Computing

The INI continuously updates its software and systems to maintain a competitive edge. In addition, Carnegie Mellon has exceptional computer and library facilities that include extensive online access to citation and full-text databases. The campus is served by a high-speed wireless network that was built by the INI as part of a wireless research project. In addition, research facilities are available through the schools and colleges.

All students are provided with an Andrew computer account user ID and password by CMU Computing Services, which manages the campus-wide computer system. While your Andrew ID cannot be changed, you can set up an email alias by visiting the CMU name page. You must forward your email through your original Andrew ID, and all online student services, including registration, can only be accessed using your original Andrew ID.

The Computing Services website provides an introduction to Carnegie Mellon's computing system.

Hardware & Software

The Carnegie Mellon Computer Store often offers special deals on computers during certain times of the year. Students can also find discounted computer products in the Computer Store year round.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Some campus services and, most relevant to INI students, some library-related services, limit access to requests originating from within the CMU campus Internet address space only. In other words, attempting to access these services directly from an off-campus ISP will not work. Campus affiliates (students, staff, faculty) with an Andrew ID may use VPN to work around these restrictions. VPN will tunnel an off-campus user's traffic through a campus VPN server, making all their requests appear as if they had originated from the CMU address space.

For instructions on how to access, install and configure this service, please visit VPN webpages provided by Computing Services.

Connecting to the Campus Network

You may access the Internet using either the campus wireless network (available campus-wide, via SSID "CMU"), or from one of the already activated wired network outlets available throughout the INI building.

Important Note: Please never unplug an already connected device (lab machine, printer, etc.) from the wired network. If no wired network outlets are available, please use the wireless network.

Either option requires that new machines be registered the first time they attempt to access the network, before access is granted. This happens only once, the first time a new, unregistered machine is used on the CMU network, and is handled by a system named FirstConnect (more info). The system will guide users through every required step.

The campus network uses several protective measures to reduce the IT security threat level, which include suspending access to misbehaving machines. For measures you can take to protect yourself and your machine (as well as to avoid having your networ access suspended), please also read the following information from Computing Services:

Printing at the INI

The INI building has several printers available to students.

INI uses the campus-wide "Andrew Central B&W" print queue, which allows users to physically release printouts at multiple campus locations. At the INI, there is one release station on each floor of our 4616 Henry Street building.

For instructions on configuring your personal computer to use this system, please visit the Andrew Printing web pages provided by Computing Services. There is additional information for those using Linux.

Additional Support

Please direct any questions related to your Andrew account, VPN, the wireless network, and downloading/configuring any software downloaded from CMU Computing Services (including Andrew printer drivers) to, or call the Help Desk at 412-268-4357.

Computer repair services are offered through the University Store in the lower level of the UC.

For other issues please email