Petition Procedure

The INI students are required to submit an INI Petition Form for program transfers, proposal submission extensions, graduation extensions, increase in units, course substitutions and any other changes that are outside of the policies stated in the student handbook. When preparing a petition, students should ensure that they include specific and valid reasons for submitting the petition. In addition, if the student's petition is about a class he or she must include the  course syllabus.

  1. The INI student completes a petition form and submits it to the INI Academic Affairs Office.
  2. The INI Academic Affairs Office presents the petition to the INI Academic Advisor Committee at the next weekly meeting.
  3. The INI Academic Advisor Committee approve or deny the petition, with the advice of the Director if necessary.
  4. The INI Academic Affairs Office informs the student of the outcome via email, typically within a week.
  5. If the student wants to appeal the petition outcome, they can appeal to the INI Director by submitting a new petition addressed to the INI Director.
    • We recommend appealing within 7 days 
  6. The INI Academic Affairs Office saves the finalized petition in the student's file.

Download the INI Petition Form (PDF).