Graduate Project

Graduate Project Overview

The MSIN/MSIS/MSIT-IS Project represents a capstone experience and an original contribution in an interesting and relevant area of information networking/security.

Research may include internships, working on existing projects, designing new areas of research, or assisting faculty on their current research. Several INI students have either originated or contributed to research and projects that resulted in startup companies and widely utilized technologies. Most notably, INI faculty, researchers, and students were the prime initiators and implementers of Wireless Andrew, which was the largest high-speed wireless network in the world, covering the entire Carnegie Mellon campus.

Once research is complete, students present and defend their project work and conclusions to an audience of their peers and faculty. Work culminates in a written technical report or thesis that is published and archived in the library. Students may find reports from previous classes in the Engineering and Science Library in Wean Hall.

Graduate Project Timeline for Pittsburgh MSIN & MSIS*

Timeframe Action
By the 'Semester Course Add Deadline' in the first spring semester
Acquire the project advisor’s approval (signature); then submit the Signature Page and the Proposal for approval by the academic advisor to the INI ESO.
3 weeks before the last day of class in defending semester
Submit Defense Scheduling Form and Video Consent Form to the INI ESO.
1 week before the last day of class in defending semester
10 days before the final grades deadline for graduating students
Acquire the project advisor's approval and then submit Thesis/Tech Report and Signature Page to the INI ESO for approval by the department and/or college.

*Kobe MSIT-IS must adhere to the graduate project timeline set forth by its host institution.

Graduate Project Instructions

Graduate Project Documents

If you are unsure if you are submitting a technical report or a thesis, please send an email to

Graduate Project Template for the Thesis or Technical Report

In an effort to help INI students abide by the CIT guidelines, the INI has developed a LaTeX template for your use. If you are not familiar with LaTeX language, we suggest finding a tutorial before starting to use this template. A suitable tutorial is available at the following link:

Download the Graduate Project Template (.zip file format). Save the .zip file to a local drive and then extract its contents. Last updated: December 11, 2012.

While we strongly encourage you to use this template, it is not a requirement. If you decide to not use the template, please ensure you are abiding by all the guidelines set forth by CIT and the INI.

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