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Welcome, All INI Students!

Our goals

The Graduate Student Organization @ INI (GOINI) works with its members to instill an ideal blend of professional values and social networking skills in student life at the INI. We strive to build a local and global community and to foster an awareness of the INI identity. We also aim to create a safe, comfortable environment for INI students, helping them to be more productive, and to create stronger bonds between students that will last well beyond their time at the INI.

Our values

GOINI is committed to nurturing the leadership and networking skills of INI students. We aspire to uphold the mission of the INI in everything we do. We also realize the importance of giving students a social outlet where they can feel rejuvenated, and we want students to have fun between their studies.

Our approach

GOINI will organize and promote opportunities for INI students to connect with each other. We will offer our members a number of chances to take leadership roles, explore the city and region, network with other students, and deepen their relationships with each other by running these activities. We will engage INI students through events and strive to make everyone feel not just welcomed but also excited to participate. We will communicate openly to build interest and raise awareness of our activities, as well as solicit feedback, as a community-driven organization. GOINI will collaborate with the ECE Graduate Organization (EGO) to expand upon our networking activities.

Contact us

If you would like to become involved with GOINI or have any questions or suggestions, please contact one of the student leaders or the staff coordinator listed in the side bar.

GOINI Photos

GOINI Photos

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GOINI MS28 Officers

Pouria Pezeshkian email

Jaideep Joshi email

Sudarshana Narendiran email
Events Co-Chair

Adam Tse email
Events Co-Chair

Vibha Iyengar email
SV Co-Chair

Alin Nagraj email
SV Co-Chair

GOINI MS27 Officers

Melanie Rich-Wittrig email 

Sahil Mehta email 
VP- Pittsburgh

William Parks email
Events Chair

Rashmi Venugopal email

Aparna Sridhar Murthy email
VP- Silicon Valley

Barun Amalkumar-Halder email
SV Co-Chair

Apurv Bhargava email
SV Co-Chair

GOINI Coordinator

Jessica Becker
email | web