The internship requirement is intended for all INI students*, and must be successfully completed in order for them to graduate from the INI.

These internships, paid or unpaid, must be taken during the first summer, relevant to your program of study, and will only appear on your official transcript if you are registered for the course. While some students may opt to take a course at the same time as their internship, we encourage you to carefully consider this prior to the start of the summer semester as it can be very difficult to manage both at the same time.

*Current (MS28s) Students: Students in the 16-month program have the option to have the internship course appear on their official student transcript, but it is not required.

Applying to Internships 

  • Make a list of companies that you’re interested in.
    -Make a plan A and a plan B
  • Review your resume with our Assistant Director of Career Services, Jessica Budik.
  • Submit your internship applications!
    -Follow up with the recruiter or alumni contact
    -Connect with the company on LinkedIn
    -Follow up with our Assistant Director of Career Services, Jessica Budik, if you have any issues.

Prepare for the Interview Process 

  • Research the company
    -Review their website—make sure to read their mission, vision, and values statement!
    -Ask any affiliated peers or alumni about their experience.
    -Educate yourself on the latest trends related to their work. 
  • Prepare a list of questions for your interviewer about the company
  • Practice interviewing
    -Know your resume
    -Identify how your skills and experiences can align with the company’s mission

Consider their Offer 

The primary criterion required of all internships is that the work to be done is relevant to the student’s program of study. To that end, students are required to obtain a job offer letter from the company, faculty member or other representative offering the position. To make this process easy for your internship supervisor, please click here: Employer Letter Template [.pdf] 

 The offer letter must include the following: 

  1. Description of work to be done and position title, 
  2. The period of time the student will be working (start date and end date are required), 
  3. The work location where the student will report each day during the internship, and
  4. The name and contact information (phone and email) of their supervisor, or a manager, at the company.

Before you accept! 

  1. Make a list of Pros and Cons
  2. Considering salary, job function, company, and location.
  3. Review CMU’s Offer Policy: 
    -Fall: You have until November 15th or three (3) weeks to respond, whichever is later.
    -Spring: You have three (3) weeks to respond.
  4. Make an appointment to discuss your offers with the Assistant Director of Career Services, Jessica Budik.

The INI must review offer letters to determine the internship’s relevancy towards your degree program before you accept the offer. Students* who begin an internship without INI approval will not be registered or receive credit for completing the requirement, which could impact their ability to graduate. International students may not be permitted to accept an unpaid position or do volunteer work.

Please note:

  • All students are required to submit their offer letters for the INI’s review and approval.
    -Please share this template with your internship supervisor: Employer Letter Template [.pdf].
  • All offer letters should be submitted to:
    -Lisa Currin, Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment

*Current (MS28s) Students: All 20-month students, as well as 16-month students who want their internship to appear on their official transcript, are required to submit their offer letters for the INI’s review and approval.

Considerations for International Students

Curricular Practical Training, or CPT, is authorized based on the start and end dates of the summer. This authorization is provided through the Office of International Education (OIE).

 For current MS28 students: Students enrolled in our 20-month program must obtain CPT; however, students enrolled in a 16-month program must obtain OPT, or Optional Practical Training, in order to be eligible for an internship experience.  For more information about working in the United States, please click here.


Internships Timeline

*International students: please be aware of OPT and CPT due dates. More information regarding this can be found on the Office of International Education’s website: You may also contact Lisa Currin, Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment.

Documents for Internship Supervisors 

Internship Summary Form [.pdf]
Employer Offer Letter Template [.pdf]


For resume, interview, and considering offers, please work with:
Jessica Budik, Assistant Director of Career Services:

For OPT & CPT information, and to submit your offer letters, please work with:
Lisa Currin, Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment

For Enrollment, Internship Summary Form, and Grades, please work with:
Jessica Becker, Senior Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Student Services:

Helpful links:

OIE website for CPT and OPT information:
Career Services: