Future Student Outlook

If you pursue a graduate program at the INI, you will have access to an exceptional level of support that will help you attain your career goals.

The INI houses its own Career Services and External Relations Office in the INI building, where you can receive career counseling to help you through the critical steps of your job search, such as professional networking, resume writing, interviewing and negotiations. Job fairs and information sessions on campus are unique events that offer you valuable insight into some of the most desirable employers. Through the INI, you can connect to the university's prestigious alumni network that is made up of people in positions of management and leadership at organizations around the world. The combination of your career aspirations and our tried and true experience can knock out some impressive results. In fact, the INI's graduates typically receive impressive job offers and consistently receive among the highest starting salaries on average in the College of Engineering.

Examples of job titles of INI graduates:

Financial Software Developer
Software Engineer
Technology Analyst
Project Manager
Automation Network Engineer
Systems and Software Architect
Information Systems Security Designer
Security Consultant
Software Developer
IT Auditor
Research Scientist
Spyware Analyst
Senior Information Assurance Engineer
Vulnerability Signature Engineer
Global Network Exploitation Analyst

For details, please see our post-graduation data, internship statistics and our cumulative list of employers of INI graduates.

Career Paths