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It's always a pleasure to hear from INI alumni. You are welcome to send us an email to get in touch--anytime!

Obtaining Your Academic Records

The university can assist you with obtaining an official or unofficial transcript or a verification of coursework you've completed. Refer to the Transcript Requests page for instructions.

INI Alumni Groups on Social Media

INI Alumni Private Facebook Group:  A private group exclusive to INI alumni is on Facebook and will allow you to share updates with your classmates, post job openings at your company to other INI alumni, and keep tabs on INI news and events. Visit the INI Alumni Facebook group and send a request to join. Your request will be accepted upon verification of your alumni status.

INI Alumni LinkedIn Group: INI alumni are encouraged to join and network with more than 900 others through our exclusive LinkedIn group. Hear about job openings and conferences and network with other INI professionals in the INI's LinkedIn network.

You can also follow several social media accounts affiliated with the INI and CMU. Visit the INI Social Media Directory to see the many options.

Related CMU Alumni Sites

Here are some other sites that may be useful to you as an alumnus of the INI:

Professional Societies